My name is Meghan Sweeney Will and I am the owner/photographer here at Meghan Will Photography.  My journey to becoming a photographer was a long one.  When I was in high school, I lived in the dark room (yes, this was before the boom of digital).  I took all the photography courses they offered and then continued with independent study.  I was the co-editor of our year book.  I loved photography so much.  Then when I went to college, I never even thought of a degree in the arts or photography or anything like that.  I thought I should “grow up” and get a degree to put me into the working world… so I went with Psychology (how that helped with my career, I’ll never know).  A few years after college, I bought myself a dSLR and fell back in love with photography.  Lucky for me, my friends started having kids and wanted me as their photographer.  A few years after that, I took the plunge away from my desk job and studied photography at Rocky Mountain School of Photography, spending a summer away from my husband and dog and ate, slept, dreamt, breathed photography.  It was glorious.  


So here I am! I love photographing all things family.  Couples in love, maternity, births, newborns, and childhood. I love documentary style - photographing you while you’re not posed.  Chasing your toddler around, or trying to soothe your new baby.  How you and your partner interact.  Just to follow you around and see how your life and daily routines go.  


In my free time, I love to spend time with my hubby, my two kiddos, my dog, family, and friends.  I love running. I’m trying to love yoga more. I love Madison, so much.  I love beer... and wine… and Justin Timberlake (who doesn’t?!). I love my big extended crazy family.  I know the show Friends better than anyone should.  I love film photography. I dislike bad drivers... I detest grocery shopping and laundry.


Take a look around, look through the galleries and please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns/comments.